The biggest update yet


I have been working on a big update for my blog for maybe 2 whole months now (with some lazy days with no coding), and I am finally all done! This update gives the blog a worthy design for this type of websites and a lot of tweaks.

The update contains over 10 new features and a lot of fixed bugs and improvements. It is so much done in this update, that Firefox 90.0 for Linux almost crashed when I went to the changelog page on Codeberg So I had to start SmartGit in order to see the changelog.

Here's the complete changelog:

  • Added a new design with the touch of a real blog.
  • Added new method to load the posts on the home page. This reduces the page load a lot.
  • Added preparations for the edit feature. When this is done, whenever I edit a post, you can see what I've edited like in git (what I have added and what I have removed).
  • Added the possibility for visitors to send suggestions of a blog post (see example). You can find this feature below a blog post when you're reading it.
  • Added the possibility to randomly go to a blog post. You can find this link in the menu.
  • Added a page that shows all comments for all blog posts. You can find this link in the menu. This page is not yet ready for smaller screens, like smartphones.
  • Added a confirmation pop-up window when you click on "Send my comment" in the comment form.
  • Added JSON support for the RSS feed.
  • Added automatic detection of what theme you have on your system (dark or light). This feature is entirely based on JavaScript, so if you have JavaScript disabled, this feature will not work.
  • Added a transition when you switch themes.
  • Added a new system of how tags will be linked to a blog post. Before, tags was added to a single column in the database. Now, the tags are added to 2 tables: tags and tags_linked. tags handles the names and what language the tag are in, while tags_linked handles what tags are linked to what blog posts.
  • Added a "tag cloud" on the home page below all posts.
  • Added support for SMTP for upcoming features.
  • Changed how the comments are loaded and how you interact with the comments. No more page loads!
  • Changed how the email address for a comment will be stored. Before, it was encrypted with the comment's password. Now, it is hashed with SHA-256.
  • Improved the configuration file.
  • Deleted the about page and added the content to the side panel.

I gave the visitor experience more work because that matters more than what the admin panel are. Because of this, the admin pages are not as finished as what the rest of the blog are. Will work on it later on.

One downside with this update is that the website seems to be slower than before the update (according to GTMetrix). The performance went down from 98-100% to 83-85%. Will try to fix this some day.

If you find any bugs or errors, please report them to me as a comment blow or on Mastodon

Have you for an example found a spelling error? Make a correction.

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@edgren okay. So you wrote raw HTML. Gimme sec to check the source.

@redeagle Oh. I've found the issue. My crawler detector[1] prevented it to work πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ So typical πŸ˜…



@edgren Meta tags look good here. Are you missing any in particular, or are some incorrect?

@redeagle Yeah. Everything looks good, but it doesn't work πŸ˜• Can't find any typos or anything. I think I'm going crazy here, haha! πŸ˜‚

@edgren Pure HTML or with server side code or a generator?

@edgren What's the blog running on behind the scenes?

@redeagle My own code. I've built it by myself.

@redeagle You mean how I built my website? With my own hands... fingers...? πŸ˜…

@edgren Everything checks out that I can see. Sorry.

@redeagle Yeah πŸ˜• That's why I am baffeled that it don't work. Can something outside the head tags affect the meta tags, like section tags, h1 tags, h4 tags, and so on?

After the update, the meta tags have stopped working. I checked them and tried to change some of them, but with no good result.

Do anyone here have any idea of why this has happened?

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